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A  : ALI (A.S)

Dear Momineen,

We started MAFSS project in 2006 and by the grace of Almighty Allah and Sadqa e Masoomeen (A.S) have completed 1st phase successfully.

We dedicate this website to the Most Noble Messenger Muhammad(P.B.U.H.) and to the people of his household, the Ahlul Bayt (A.S.), salutations and peace be upon them all.

We always need your help, suggestions and most of all your prayers.




Rahil Abbas Rizvi (Mumbai – India)
I am running a Web Development Firm, promoting my client’s website and business on Internet via search engine and social media network.  I wanted to use my web skill’s for community work, therefore i started project MAFSS in 2006 with the name of Panjetan-e-Pak (A.S). Mashallah we are getting visits on our website from 6 continents, 24 sub continent regions, 207 countries/territories, and 10,952 cities. During 10 Days of Moharram our website was visible on Google for at least 22,000,00 times. My wife (Fauzia Rizvi) and sister (Shazia Rizvi), helped me to add multimedia on website. 2 years back more people joined mafss’s project and helped me develop the Shia Multimedia Portal. My sincere thanks to Sister Sukaina Rizvi (Karachi – PAK), Sister Aalia Aabedi (Bermingham – Uk), Sister Sabeeha Wajahat Ali (Karachi – PAK), Brother Zaigham Abbas (Saudi Arabia), Brother Saeed Agha (Karachi – PAK), Brother Hasnain Ali Naqvi (Chicago – USA), Brother Kashif Naqvi (Mumbai – Amroha). A lot of work is still pending and we will try to complete it in near future.
Mohtaj e Dua.
Rahil Abbas Rizvi
Founder : Mafss.com
Facebook Profile : http://www.facebook.com/rahil.abbas.rizvi
Sayyed Shazia Rizvi and Sayyed Fauzia Rizvi (Mumbai – India)
Sayyed Shazia Rizvi – Student – Final Year of “MBIT (Business Administration and Information Technology)” and Fauzia Rizvi (Bachelor of English Literature) Both compressing media files and uploading on server.
Sister Sukaina Rizvi (Karachi – PAK)
Student. Joined Mafss.com in 2010 and started sharing our pages within her friend network.
Sister Aalia Aabedi (Bermingham – Uk)
Housewife. She is responsible for moderating content on our website.
Brother Zaigham Abbas (Saudi Arabia)
Web Developer by profession. He is responsible for making our website more user friendly, and currently making mobile version of our website.
Brother Saeed Agha (Karachi – PAK)
Web Developer by Profession. If needed he provides technical support to Brother Zaigham Abbas.
Brother Hasnain Ali Naqvi (Chicago – USA)
Student. He is promoting our website in western countries by his network.
Brother Kashif Naqvi (Mumbai – Amroha)
Physician. He recently joined our network and willing to provide support to azadar’s if they are unable to search nohay/majalis etc.
Sister Sabeeha Wajahat Ali (Karachi – PAK)
Student. She is searching multimedia on web, and sharing with us.
Brother Faisal Reza Patel (Mumbai – India)
faisalHe is Computer Networking Expert by profession, He is serving Mafss.com Multimedia stuff to momeneen’s mobile phone during 1st ashra with his brother Zaheer Abbas Patel and Wasim Dharsee.
Brother Hasan Mithani (Mumbai – India)
hasanHe is studying in college, an active member of our Anjuman, He is managing distribution of Mafss.com Multimedia at different places and time. During ashra-e-majalis and Shab-e-Bedari of our Anjuman.
Brother Mirza Mohammad Ali (Mumbai – India)
He is working with telecommunication company, and an active member of our Anjuman, He is also helping Hasan Mitthani, for distribution of Mafss.com Multimedia stuff on Momeneen’s mobile phones.
Brother Qaisar Raza (Mumbai – India)
From “Anjuman-e-Ghulamaan-e-Tiflaan-e-Muslim (A.S)” – Mumbai – India who helped me organize MAFSS.COM Trophy distribution program (Khadim e Aza Trophy) to all Shaer (Poet) and Noha Khwan From Mumbai.Thanks to all other Momeneen and Mominaat, who always try to share our website pages on facebook and other social networking websites.